Supporting Hoyland Common Primary School’s Innovation Hub & MakerSpace Project

Aiden Tallant, the Head of Hoyland Common Primary School put a call out to local businesses to help sponsor the school’s ambitious Innovation Hub & Makerspace Project. Among the enthusiastic supporters is Naylor Industries, whose contribution is helping bring the project to life. Alongside Naylor, Gary Robinson of Downham Plant Hire and Steve Runnells of Prime Electrical Contractors has supplied essential items like plywood, timber, screws, tape measures, cordless drills, metal rulers and sheets of Perspex.

At Hoyland Common Primary School, innovation in education is a top priority, and the development of the Innovation Hub & Makerspace exemplifies this commitment. According to Mr. Tallant, the MakerSpace will serve as a dynamic workshop where children can engage in creative exploration, problem-solving, and collaborative learning. By providing a dedicated space for hands-on experimentation, the school aims to inspire a lifelong passion for STEM disciplines among its students.

The support from Naylor Industries, along with other local businesses, has been met with immense gratitude by Mr. Tallant and the entire school community. Speaking on behalf of Hoyland Common Primary School, Mr. Tallant expressed his appreciation for the generosity of Naylor Industries and emphasized the significance of their contribution in realizing the vision for the STEM Room MakerSpace. He noted that the donations made by Naylor, Downham Plant Hire and Prime Electrical Contractors  have helped the school to equip the MakerSpace with essential tools and materials, laying the groundwork for transformative learning experiences. “It’s a place where children can unleash their imagination and embark on a journey of discovery that will help shape their futures – its as project that has been in the planning for a several years so we’ve very excited to see this finally coming to fruition” commented Mr Tallant.

If you’d like to help with the Hoyland Common Primary School project, contact the school on 01226 369640

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