TAP – Funding for Trade Shows

It’s been a while since this was last addressed in this publication. So just a reminder to all exporters what TAP (Trade Access Programme) entails.

Tap provides funding in the form of grants for eligible businesses to attend overseas trade shows. The funding helps your business gain market knowledge, experience in attending and getting the most from overseas trade shows and advice and support from trade experts.

Grants range between £1500 to £2500 and are based around a calendar of UK government supported events. Naturally as with all funding, it is subject to eligibility and highlighted are some of those.

  • Maximum of 12 grants, of which 6 must be in emerging and high growth markets.
  • Brazil, China, Columbia, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Vietnam
  • be based in the UK
  • be an SME
  • be either actively investigating export opportunities for your own business
  • be a new exporter (exports accounting for no more than 25% of your turnover) or have exported for no more than 10 years
  • be within the State Aid limit of €200,000 over any rolling 3-year period
  • not receive any other public funds towards eligible costs for the grant you are applying for
  • not have been fully committed to attend the event prior to seeking the grant

I hasten to add that this list is not exhaustive. Nevertheless, it is there to support you in your aspirations to grow internationally.

Contact your local DIT Advisor to find out more or link to the authorised contacts in the list of activities who will guide you through the maze.

The current calendar of supported events for 2017-18 and contacts is available here

If TAP is not for you, but you are looking at ways to seek support and advice for your export growth, please talk to your local DIT team. The Exporting for Growth scheme is there to do just that.

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