Uncover Hidden Savings on Transaction Fees with Gala Technology: Your Trusted Partner in Financial Health

Uncover Hidden Savings on Transaction Fees with Gala Technology: Your Trusted Partner in Financial Health

16:14 02 October in Member News

In the bustling market, where every penny counts, businesses often overlook a significant area of potential savings: the transaction fees. Unbeknownst to many, the amount shelled out in transaction fees as reflected in their payment processor credit card statements can be a hefty sum. However, this crucial insight often remains buried in the complex terminologies and cryptic statements provided by payment processors. This has been a longstanding concern, as voiced by Jason Mace, CEO of Gala Technology.

Delving into the Abyss of Transaction Fees: Are You Bleeding Unnoticed?

The scenario of dealing with transaction fees is eerily reminiscent of the days when understanding gas or electricity bills was akin to decoding a cipher until comparisons were made available. Similarly, payment processor statements laden with terms like ‘Non-Secure Fees’, ‘Chargebacks’, ‘CNP Fees’, ‘PCI DSS Fees’, and ‘Interchange Charges’ require a professional’s scrutiny to be decoded.

The underlying issue boils down to a lack of market comparison and comprehension of the price tariffs set forth by payment processors, who often go unchallenged due to the absence of competition, hence offering less than favourable terms.

Gala Technology’s Trail of Triumphs

Pioneering in alleviating this financial strain, Gala Technology boasts an astounding 98% success rate in securing notable savings for its clientele. A sparkling example of our prowess is our recent endeavour where businesses have achieved savings ranging from £2,000 to a whopping £450,000 within this year alone—a robust testament to the transformative impact of our services. Dive into the full case study

Believe the Savings, Embrace the Change

The scepticism surrounding potential savings often deters businesses from seeking a free payment review—a step that could unearth instant improvements to their bottom line. The reluctance in sharing payment processor statements is a common barrier, yet those who leap, find a significant windfall awaiting.

Initiating your journey towards substantial savings is uncomplicated. Gala Technology necessitates your last three months’ payment processor statements to conduct a comprehensive review. You can effortlessly scan the documents and send them via email or WhatsApp.

Gala Technology: The Custodian of Your Financial Well-being

Consider Gala Technology as the remedial force for your financial ailments. We meticulously dissect your payment processor statements, identifying realms of overspending—whether it’s non-secure fees, chargebacks, CNP fees, PCI DSS fees, or exorbitant transaction fees. Following this, we sweep through the market to secure the best payment processor deal for you, aligning you with a specialist payment processor bespoke to your sector.

A Fluid Transition with No Disruptions

Worried about operational disruptions amidst the transition? Fear not, as the transition is as smooth as changing your energy supplier, with zero downtime.

Ready to Unearth Hidden Savings?

Embark on a voyage to significantly trim down your transaction fees and bolster your business’s financial health. Initiating the process is simple; click here to get started.

Discovering the authentic costs of your transaction fees and making an informed switch could be the financial panacea your business direly needs. Entrust Gala Technology to navigate you through this cost-saving venture today.

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