Unique School Solutions are now Programme Partners of Partners in Learning Doncaster

The long term education recruitment specialists are excited to announce that they are the first to embark on a Programme Partnership with Partners in Learning


Unique School Solutions will be working alongside Partners in Learning Doncaster, to provide support and improve access to high quality educational staff. They hope to extend their large network and create long lasting relationships with Doncaster schools.

“We are ecstatic to be the first Programme Partners of Partners in Learning Doncaser. We can’t wait to get involved in Headteacher Briefings and other online activities that PiL have planned. It’s a shame that we will miss out on the bacon sandwiches that are usually on offer as the upcoming briefings will be virtual, but we are excited to attend nonetheless” – Caroline Needham, Director at Unique School Solutions.


As the education sector begins to rebuild and evolve due the challenges faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Partners in Learning and Unique alike are focused on relieving as much stress as possible through supporting and aiding schools.

Unique recently introduced their COVID Response Team to help schools through out the pandemic. 

Unique are keen to introduce their distinctive approach to education recruitment, which is structured to benefit schools and trusts. Their 12-week model allows schools to assess new members of staff and ensure the right decision is made every time.


No two schools are the same, their needs, requirements and budget can be vastly different. One member of staff may be the perfect fit for a school in Rotherham but this may not be the case for another in Barnsley. It’s our job to recognise this and adapt our services to each schools individual needs.”- Rebecca Dodd, Director at Unique School Solutions.

For Unique School Solutions the ultimate goal is to connect high quality teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and other educational professionals with schools that match their culture and personality.

Along with the help of Partners in Learning they can reach out to provide a high quality recruitment service, to the schools of South Yorkshire at an affordable price.

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