We must not lose our international connectivity

We must not lose our international connectivity

11:26 13 July in Business News, Chamber News

We must not lose our international connectivity, say South Yorkshire business leaders on news that Doncaster Sheffield Airport’s future is in doubt

The future of Doncaster Sheffield Airport is under threat after its board revealed they believe “aviation activity on the site may no longer be commercially viable”.

Responding to the review announced by airport owner Peel Group, the CEOs of Barnsley & Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield Chambers of Commerce said in a joint statement:

“Since its opening, Doncaster Sheffield Airport has made a significant contribution to South Yorkshire. The airport has created jobs, improved global connectivity and done much to attract further investment into the region. As the owner, Peel has made a significant contribution to that success.”

“With the challenges facing the aviation sector, it is unsurprising they are now starting this review. Any sensible business would. The government has not done enough to support the industry throughout the global pandemic. Much more should have been done to ensure the sector had sufficient resilience to bounce back.”

“Airports are not just assets for their shareholders but for the economies and communities they serve. If aviation activity at Doncaster Sheffield Airport ends or scales back, this would be another major blow to the region’s infrastructure after several others, including the axing of our planned HS2 connection and rail services from South Yorkshire to Manchester Airport. The evidence is well-established that international connectivity underpins inward investment.”

“The South Yorkshire Chambers enjoy a strategic relationship with Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Throughout this review process, we will be engaging with the business community, so that we can comprehensively represent their views and interests on this matter, highlighting the importance of international connectivity to get our economy to truly take off. We will stand alongside local partners if it becomes clear that government support is needed to put the airport on a firmer footing. Air travel is rightly under the spotlight owing to the climate crisis, but you cannot grow a world-class economy if you do not have world-class international connectivity.”

Kieran Bridges

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