Work, worklessness and wellbeing: COVID-19 and beyond Webinar Series

The aim is to support employers and employees to be COVID 19 secure and maintain health and wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond, and to help policymakers think about the solutions to the key challenges faced.

1) 21 January 2021 2-3.30pm – Support for business to build back better – the benefits of age diversity – Webinar recording here. PDF slides here & here.

2) 28 January 2021 2-3.30pm – Refreshing your approach to workplace diversity and inclusion post-2020 – details here. PDF slides herehere and here.

3) 4 February 2021 2-4pm – Managing job insecurity and creating better quality work – details here

4) 11th February 2-4pm Managing stress, burnout and fatigue in health and social care – details here

5) 24th February 2-4pm Promoting workplace health and wellbeing in COVID-19 and beyond – details here

6) 3rd March 2-4pm Developing a COVID secure health and wellbeing strategy – details here

7)10th March 2-4pm Managing change – from restructuring, redundancy to home working – details here

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