Yorkshire businesses get ready to say ‘hello’ with Oello

Yorkshire businesses get ready to say ‘hello’ with Oello

11:42 06 April in Member News

A Yorkshire-based business has developed and launched a code-free web-based app aimed at helping other businesses communicate better with their customers.

Oello, which has been developed by Doncaster-based Faretext, will allow businesses of any size to have the ability to send SMS communication to their customers, without any knowledge or experience in coding required. This will effectively allow smaller firms to communicate and notify via SMS like the bigger corporates without the need for any coding skills or in-house/external resources.

The team behind Oello are bringing a decade of experience to the app. It has been developed so users will be able to send reminders, last-minute deals or urgent texts from the messaging platform via a PC or mobile, straight to customers’ phones. Oello offers the user all the functions of an enterprise-level SMS service.

Brian McGeachie, Oello Sales and Marketing Director said: “Oello, although forming part of the services provided by Faretext, has also been created as a standalone product and its own dedicated website to make it more accessible to all businesses without the confusion or complication of industry terminology surrounding SMS services.

“Put simply, it is an SMS service that has been designed to be accessible to every business, no matter your experience or knowledge. Completely code-free and web-based means there’s no need for development knowledge, or experience in coding, the easy-to-use platform does it all for you. Just add contacts, write your message, and hit send. We’ve developed it for the layman, making it intuitive as possible, and integrated logic and features to protect the user in regard to GDPR that they may, or may not be aware of when marketing or notifying via SMS.

“Our target audiences for the app are independent businesses of any size who sell to consumers and who that don’t have the skills, resources, or the budget to integrate SMS communication into their software or service. Additionally, new start-up businesses that have a need to create GDPR-compliant SMS subscriber lists ready for their launch, or a way of gathering and recording new customers in a compliant way.”

Colin McGeachie, Integration and Technical Director at Oello, added: “Text messaging is officially the most popular form of communication. At home, at work, and on the move. Everywhere. If you receive a text, it’s direct to your phone, it’s personal and demands your immediate attention.

“Most messages are delivered within seven seconds and 90% of those are read within five minutes. Best of all and completely unlike business email, the person reading the message is most likely the person you wanted to receive it.

James Naylor, Head of Development added: “Businesses can send out a campaign in under 60 seconds with our intuitive click-flow message builder – which is such a quick way for businesses to talk to their customers.  The app is GDPR friendly, with built-in logic to handle SMS opt-ins and opt-outs. It is mobile-optimised and completely web-based. Oello users get instant updates and results and are able to evaluate a campaign’s performance and engagement.

“We have already received fantastic feedback from businesses who have been trialling Oello and have commented on how intuitive it is and user-friendly. We are really excited to launch the app and feel that it will be a real game-changer for businesses.”

Oello is available from today, Wednesday 5th April, to find out more please visit www.oello.co.uk

Kieran Bridges

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