Yorkshire businesses stick together in new collaboration

Two Yorkshire businesses, Glu Recruit and Whyy? Change, have decided to stick together in a new collaboration that will help companies to attract, recruit and train the very best employees.

At a time when the recruitment landscape is hit by skills gaps and personnel shortages, Glu and Whyy? have made a pact to help businesses to overcome their workforce challenges. Ultimately, businesses will be able to add value to their recruitment efforts by combining Glu’s expertise and Whyy’s ability to offer a range of accredited training packages – many of which are fully funded or heavily subsidised.

Rob Shaw, Glu Recruit Managing Director, said: “Recruitment can be tough, especially when the whole market is candidate led as it is right now, meaning some sectors become more of a challenge than others. Candidates are shopping around for an employment package that not only offers a competitive salary and usual perks but also offers a commitment to training, upskilling, and career development. And that’s how our collaboration with Whyy? Change began.”

Ray Byrne, Whyy? Change CEO, said: “We believe passionately in workplace values and behaviours, and as we started to get to know the Glu team, we knew instinctively that we were on the same page and were often speaking to businesses about the same staff challenges. We’re excited to see how our new collaboration can help business grow.”

Local businesses who are looking to grow or upskill their teams can talk to either Glu Recruit or Whyy? Change to explore how the team can help you. This can include temporary, permanent or graduate recruitment or industry recognised accredited qualifications in CIM, CMI, CIPD, Lean6, and Quality HSE.

Find out more: Power Up Your Workforce
Glu: [email protected]
Whyy? Change: [email protected]

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