MONEY MATTERS!  Managing money effectively matters even more.  And that is especially true now for the people of Rotherham emerging from the pandemic, many facing major hits to their finances.

That is why credit unions are important.  Credit unions are not-for-profit co-operatives providing a fairer, ethical alternative to both mainstream financial providers and other less scrupulous lenders.  There are two million credit union members in the UK and 217 million worldwide in 103 countries served by over 40,000 credit unions.

LASER Credit Union is the only Rotherham based credit union providing secure savings and affordable loans to anyone who lives, works, studies or volunteers in the borough.  We are proud to have stayed open during the whole of the Covid pandemic and continued to provide this much needed and highly valued service to local people, including our 2000 members.



  • Promotes financial wellbeing and helps members build savings.
  • Provides affordable credit for members’ benefit at fair and reasonable interest rates.
  • Help members effectively manage their financial affairs and to use money wisely.
  • Treats all members as individuals and not just numbers in a database.

As a co-operative costs have to be minimised.  The governance structure includes invaluable input from unpaid directors, specialists and volunteers.



  1. Promoting LASER in your business – setting up a payroll membership scheme for employees to access our services and improve their financial wellbeing.
  2. Providing your expertise either by joining our Board of Directors or through specific, short-term volunteering. Our Board members have a variety of backgrounds but legal, HR, finance/governance and marketing skills are particularly welcome. Volunteering not only helps LASER but can also provide volunteers with valuable career building skills and experience.
  3. Promoting LASER to the wider public through your colleagues, customers and contacts.


We all gain from having an accessible, affordable, properly regulated financial service providing the products and services ordinary people want and need, especially those who can’t easily access mainstream financial services.

You gain by giving something back to the community through your support for LASER and by using your skills in a new way.

Like all credit unions, LASER is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).  Members are also protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

For more information about LASER, how you can help and our volunteer vacancies*, please contact us at:


Email:                [email protected]           

Telephone:         01709 836500


  • *Volunteer Director with Finance Experience
  • *Volunteer Marketing Officer
  • *Volunteer IT and Communications Officer

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