Your business can save lives!

Your business can save lives!

14:40 12 September in Member News

First aid is now part of the national curriculum; unfortunately, many schools lack the funds to provide adequate training for children. Teaching first aid in schools has been PROVEN to increase survival rates of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. In Sweden, survival rates are 70% as CPR is taught in schools on mass.

It’s a completely different picture here in the UK. The act of performing CPR is less widely taught, and only 22% of people would be confident in performing CPR on a stranger. As well as this, 35% of people in the UK believe that performing CPR on someone could make their condition worse.

Your business can change this survival rate by sponsoring a school in your local community, sponsorship starts from just £250, and this would train 40 children in life-saving techniques.

We also offer a healthy minds programme for children aged 7-11, mental health in children has increased significantly since the Covid-19 pandemic. Accessing mental health services can often take time which leads to further stress and anxiety for our children. Our healthy minds programme is a 6-week course that covers Self-esteem, Bullying, Anxiety, Body image and Resilience and is aimed at identifying issues before they become a problem and getting the correct help and early diagnosis.

If your business would like to save a life, please contact me for more details –

Kelly Wooller

Mini First Aid, Sheffield, Rotherham & Barnsley.


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