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Supporting employees with financial education

08 March in Health & Wellbeing Forum

Motivating and retaining your employees is fundamental to the long-term success of your business. The wellbeing of employees is widely recognised as contributing significantly to the success of a business. Supporting employees with financial education Wellbeing is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as:‘The state of being...

Business Live: Jamie Veitch’s Sheffield Live radio show Building workplace wellbeing, confidence and inclusivity with Mike Lawrence

04 March in Health & Wellbeing Forum

Working from home means many business leaders and employees feel isolated; others experience overwhelm and burnout, or never stop working. He has strategies to protect and support you and your colleagues’ health and wellbeing.Born and raised in a working-class part of Sheffield, Mike now lives...

Coping with Covid: the hidden cost to businesses and their people

23 February in Health & Wellbeing Forum

We've recently conducted some research investigating the impact of Covid to businesses, exploring the state of mental health in the workplace.The research has revealed that there are wellbeing and productivity issues which may be invisible to business leaders.We have published the findings in our ‘Coping with Covid’ report. Our...